Land + Sea

Lands End.  I adore this place.  Literally where the land ends, and the sea begins.  It's poetry to look at, and to be in it, I get lost in its vastness.  For this, I know that I must always live by the sea.  There are scientific reasons of course as to why the land stays dry and the water just stays in it's place. Yet in my imagination I see it ready to pour out whenever a whale makes a leap, like a swimming pool brimming with water, until someone canon balls and all the contents seem to splash out.  I love watching my dog run along the shoreline chasing the sea foam as of taunting it to rise higher.  Mental pictures that makes an imprint and inspire me further. 

Frame By Frame

I can't really recall when it all started.  When did I begin to frame everything into photos? Long before I called myself a photographer.  Now I spout the name freely.  I call myself this as if it were second skin.  Indeed it is, I would be naked without it.  For my eyes see beauty and stories to communicate into a single image, it satiates my hungry soul.   From the day my father gifted me with his 35mm camera.  I looked through the viewfinder, and  I can not undo what happened after.  I would see sleeping babies, and I could see them in that luxe black and white film.  I would look at a wedding couple, and I could picture that dreamy blurry bokeh.  Photography lingo is my second tongue and I speak it to anyone who would hear it frame by frame