Carlos + Bianca

“Whatever the stuff souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

No they don’t finish each other sentences or color coordinate their outfits.  She’s sweet and agreeable and his cop instincts keep him cautiously optimistic.  They seem as different as night and day.  Yet they work.  They thrive even.  I got to know them though out our day together and it didn’t take long before I saw why.   They were both more generous to the other, then they were to themselves.  They both made amendments to their wants and needs at each turn to ensure the well being of the other.  Both young, but impressive beyond their years.  I felt very honored to be apart of their lives.  

In the end, it hit me… Love is the stuff souls are made of… and yes his and hers were the same.



Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

I love love that episode in Sex and the City, where Miranda and Steve had broken up.  They still loved each other, but with all the hardship their love seem to bring, both needed a sign that they should be together.  So, long story short,  they both ended up on the Brooklyn Bridge looking for each other, having met halfway on the bridge, it was then they decided, fate had intervened. 

I met Jenny not too long ago, and since then she's been someone I love and admire.  Her sweet and loving spirit makes me happy.  Her quirky humor compliments my awkward one.  So naturally when she asked me if I would photograph her and her guy, I couldn't refuse.  To make things even more fun, he threw into the mix his ultra dry humor, which till this day, I'm trying to figure out.  Thanks for being such sweet muses, I can't wait for another chance to do it again!


Far From the Maddening Crowd

Greice & Adam

His name is Adam Levine - I took a double take, def not from Maroon 5.  But still charming and handsome.  She is from Brazil, transplanted to Jersey but Zouk's in Manhattan.  Zouk is a sensual latin dance, a somewhat cross between the free flowing Bachata and the ballroom of Salsa.  Add a ton of booty and body rolls and you have it. 

This couple became a piece of my heart.  We met up on a hot muggy day in Central Park.  Parking was atrocious, the subway took forever on this Sunday afternoon and throngs of people had flocked to the park.  Apparently it was also the Bob Marley concert on the big lawn (just our luck).   Despite it all they showed up happy and cheery, their positive attitude cured it all.  They told me how they met through Tinder and plan to use the photos to write to them as a success story.  I thought that was the coolest thing I've ever heard.  Love is love, wherever you find it!

Sea Queen

"Get lost and then get found
And you'll come back to me
Not swallowed in the sea" -Lyrics that inspired this shoot

Though the true inspiration was Miyuki Hara who not only modeled with great emotion and expression on this cold cold day in and out of the water, but she conceptualized and made this dress as well.  I'm so happy to be surrounded by such creatives.  It gives me such fullfillment and makes me feel that I'm living each day as authentic as I can!  #loveauthentic 

Albert + Meghan Engagement

He's a musician and photographer.  She's a graphics designer and business marketer.  They both adore Rex their dog and we are all set to get married next April in a castle in Ireland.  I can't wait!