Dio & Erlinda's 50th Wedding Anniversary

What love looks like in 50 years xoxo  ....She was busy being matriarch like any good Filipino woman, he was busy watching the warriors game.  He acted like he was too cool for all this fuss.  But I caught a moment when it was just the two, and their level of care and gentleness with each other moved me deeply.  They never really had a wedding day.  They signed papers, and he left for the service.  He joked that he was forced to write letters.   But no one can fake love when its year after year.  I sorted out the precious letters they saved. Although I could not read tagalog.  I could see that it was years of back and forth, birthday cards that read "to my wife."  Christmas', valentine's, letters, notes, photos.  Each letter just as tender as the next.  Three kids later, countless grand children and great grand children, they are the king and queen of their own empire and they rule with love and grace.

It's not everyday one gets to document a more monumental day, then the day they got married. It was also an opportunity to give them the belated wedding they never had... Thus their welcome sign said, "we still do."