Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

I love love that episode in Sex and the City, where Miranda and Steve had broken up.  They still loved each other, but with all the hardship their love seem to bring, both needed a sign that they should be together.  So, long story short,  they both ended up on the Brooklyn Bridge looking for each other, having met halfway on the bridge, it was then they decided, fate had intervened. 

I met Jenny not too long ago, and since then she's been someone I love and admire.  Her sweet and loving spirit makes me happy.  Her quirky humor compliments my awkward one.  So naturally when she asked me if I would photograph her and her guy, I couldn't refuse.  To make things even more fun, he threw into the mix his ultra dry humor, which till this day, I'm trying to figure out.  Thanks for being such sweet muses, I can't wait for another chance to do it again!