Petals to Posh

So my good friend an amazing florist Kim Wakatsuki called me up to help her with a bit of a photo project.  She often makes beautiful bouquets to showcase to blushing brides.  But after the flowers have no where to be, no awe to be had.  Like having a beautiful ball gown with no soiree to go to.  Sad indeed.  So I was happy enough to take a tiny bit of time out of my day to help capture her beautiful creations before it wilted in the California summer heat. 

She greets me excited and gleeful, so proud of herself, as she shares her creation story.  Mauve roses that were as timeless as ever.  Some green vines she added as accents but ironically were just weeded trash to be thrown out.  She rescued them that morning from the landscaper and gave them renewed life in the bundle of wedding flowers.  They indeed, at least to us, stood out as stars of the show.  Their small but slight green contribution enhanced the overall bouquet completely. 

Camera: Contax 645 Medium Format + Portra 400 Film + Developed by Little Film Lab