Vines on Vinyl

I was very excited to work in tandem with Little Film Lab.  We hosted a San Francisco Film Shooters meet up.  The night before I was communicating with my fave florist.  We talked about flower crowns and bouquets.  But I wanted something more, something different.   As she and I kept talking I dreamed up the idea to decorate our lovely model with a living boa.  In total agreement she made me this gorgeous green boa.  Who wouldn't want to walk down the aisle with this magnificent ornament.   This resilient vine stayed fresh all day all night and our lead singer of Kiwitime rocked it well. Elegant, fresh and colorful it really punched up this simple pose. 

Credits:  Plants & Flowers by: / IG: Flowerstorygal 


               Processing: Mamiya645E + Fuji Reala 100 +